In the summer of 2017, Arizona recorded the unexpected influx of refugees and immigrants from Brazil, Central America, and Africa. Which automatically created the urgency to address the immediate needs of the new community members. While a group of concerned citizens were busy advocating for the release on parole of the Eloy and Florence detainees, more infrastructures were being created to welcome them into the community. They were helped with services such as advocacy, housing, food, financial assistance, ESL classes, healthcare, and childcare. Mr. Rodney Montreuil, MILC’s founder, began to offer free ESL classes at the Chandler Public Library on Sunday afternoon. It didn’t take long for the success of the initiative to be well publicized within the communities of the East valley. The classes became so popular that in May 2018, MILCL was granted $8,000.00 by an anonymous donor to conduct a six-week pilot for job readiness training, Basic English and Computer Literacy Course. The success of the summer institute, as illustrated by the graduation and classroom pictures in the gallery page, inspired more hope to expand the horizons of the program. Our vision inspires us to foresee a great future, while we’re getting ready to tackle the challenge!!

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